The Best Celebrity Body Transformations From Video Games

Have you ever wondered how a celebrity can go from a dweeb to a muscle-bound rock star in just a few months? Most of the time, these individuals are committed to working hard to gain muscle and lose fat. They also hire a personal trainer and often, a nutritionist to help with the transformation. The celeb might be preparing for an upcoming role or might just want to get back into great shape. Whatever their reason, it is amazing to see how some of these stars can turn their fitness around and become toned and honed. Let’s look at a few of the biggest stories.

Kevin Hart’s body transformation is pretty amazing. He worked with his trainer to build his upper body and is not cut and muscular. Many celebs also use diet pills in conjunction with muscle supplements. He also upped his aerobics game and can run marathons now. While the comedian was always pretty fit, he decided he wanted to be in the best shape of his life. This superstar works hard in the gym building strength and then hits the road running for miles every day.

Nick Jonas is another star with a pretty solid transformation story. When Nick left the band, he decided it was time to shed the boy band look and get into shape. He works out regularly to build upper body strength and gain muscle. His intense physical regimen seems to have had the desired effect.

Paul Rudd decided he’s had enough and started preparing for his role in Ant-Man. He literally made fitness and health the center of his life and worked harder to get in shape than he’s done for anything else. He completely eliminated carbs and hasn’t touched alcohol for more than a year. The actor’s workouts are pretty intense and include lots of rolls and flips.

Joe Manganiello went from pretty good to outstanding. He is totally ripped and has almost no body fat. The transformation of his abs deserves its own storyline. The star ate a very restricted calorie diet which included chicken, fish, oatmeal, green beans, protein bars, almonds, and apples. He had a regular fitness routine where he worked out legs and chest on Monday and Thursday, triceps on Wednesday and Saturday, biceps and shoulders on Tuesday and did 45 minutes of daily cardio.

Gerard Butler’s transformation is truly brilliant as he prepared to play King Leonidas in the movie “300”. For four months, Butler worked out intensely and completely transformed both his mind and his body. He watched his diet and ate every couple of hours. After the film, Butler stopped the intense workouts and now works to maintain and eat healthily.

Jake Gyllenhaal gained 15 pounds of muscle and 30 pounds overall to prepare for his role in Southpaw. Since he was working out so intensely, he didn’t have to stick to a special diet but ate protein at night and carbs during the day. Gyllenhaal was so committed to staying in shape for the role that his personal life fell apart.

These are some of the best celebrity muscle building success stories. Each of these people literally transformed their bodies and they look great!