Common Health Benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) Hemp Oil

Scientific studies are now proving rampant benefits of CBD or Cannabidiol Hemp oil. CBD is a component of marijuana, but unlike the recreational attractiveness that made marijuana famous, it does not produce a psychoactive effect or will get you high on the intake.

Here are the standard health benefits of CBD oil which made such drastic popularity in retail shops in more than forty countries worldwide.

-The cure for cigarette addiction. In a placebo-controlled study, twenty-four smokers were randomly chosen to receive either a placebo or an inhaler of CBD. Participants were requested to take a puff whenever they had an urge to smoke a cigarette. After one week, those with placebo inhalers saw no change in their cigarette consumption. On the other hand, those who were taking CBD inhalers saw about forty percent drop in the total number of cigarettes puffed. Using the inhaler with CBD decreased cigarette consumption without increasing nicotine cravings, which can be utilized for the withdrawal process of cigarette addiction.

-The treatment for acne. In a published study in the National Institute of Health and Journal of Clinical Investigation resulted in the discovery of CBD as a treatment for acne. Scientists used CBD oil on the sebaceous glands and concluded that cannabidiol might act as a highly effective anti-inflammatory and sebostatic agent by hindering lipid synthesis.

-Digestive aid. Some illnesses decrease appetite to the point of inhibiting the body from self-healing. CBD stimulates appetite and binds cannabinoid receptors in the body according to the National Cancer Institute. These receptors play a significant role in feeding behavior regulation. Also, CBD eases vomiting and nausea. It is particularly useful for people enduring chemotherapy and other treatments of serious diseases.

Relief for anxiety. CBD may alleviate serious social anxiety. SAD or social anxiety disorder is one of the most common forms of anxiety ailments that may impair your quality of life. In a study on the effects of CBD on people with SAD, twenty people with this condition were selected who had never received treatment for the illness. They were then divided into two groups. The first group received about 500 mg of CBD while the second group received placebo. The participants were then asked to take part in a controlled public speaking while scientists measure their heart rate, blood pressure, and other psychological and physiological stress measurements.

The CBD group resulted a significant reduction in anxiety, speech discomfort, and cognitive impairment in contrast to the other group treated with placebo.

Inhibiting the spread of cancer. Anti-tumor effects can be seen in CBD studies according to the National Cancer Institute. CBDs induce tumor cell death and control and inhibit the spread and growth of cancer cells. Scientists from a California Pacific Medical Center study “turns off” the gene involved in breast cancer growth by preventing cancer cells from traveling to distant tissues.

Other benefits from CBD intake include treatment for multiple sclerosis, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, mad cow diseases, and diabetes.